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Explore our diverse range of natural diffuser oils. Expertly blended to align with your every need. 

Refresh, focus, unwind and enhance your sleep.


Awaken to the vibrant embrace of morning sunshine.

Mood affects: Alert, awake, refreshed

Scents: Sun-kissed oranges and lemons, with sweet undertones. Crisp pine forest and lavender, that includes grounding notes of spicy black pepper and cloves.

Best time of the day to use: Anytime

Morning sunshine diffuser oil.
Woman in a grass field looking at the sun.
Clear and focused diffuser oil.


Curated to ignite creativity and anchor your thoughts.

Mood affects: Attention and focus for work and recreation.

Scents: Crisp essence of pine forest. The subtle warmth of a floral garden. A burst of invigorating peppermint that includes delicate undertones of sweet orange.

Best time of the day to use: Anytime

Woman sitting at the top of a mountain.
Man in a hammock beside a waterfall.
Diffuse and chill diffuser oil.


Find your oasis of calm.

Mood affects: Unwind, relax, meditate, de-stress

Scents: An invigorating scent of eucalyptus, with an earthy embrace inspired by hops and woody undertones. Whispers of Citrus and the sweet allure of grapefruit weave together to warp your senses of tranquillity.

Best time of the day to use: Anytime

Goodnight diffuser oil.


Created to lull you into a peaceful slumber and rejuvenating rest. 

Mood affects: Deep relaxation, sleep, rest

Scents: Soft, floral lavender, with gentle hints of cinnamon apples and lilacs. Crisp pine forest, grounded with spicy lemongrass and clove. Sweet and earthy undertones inspired by a spa atmosphere.

Best time of the day to use: Nighttime

Tent below a starry sky.

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Woman looking out at a lake.


Rain Aroma product line up.
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